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Concrete Taxi


Based on a design by a frustrated engineer and the inability to access concrete out of hours, the Concrete Taxi system was first set up in Perth, WA. The system was gradually formalised and refined, with a transition to the market in 2002 via the use of Franchisor units to determine the real issues to be faced in commercial operation. The first Franchise was opened in Perth in 2006, with Company trucks continuing on the road to further refine the design of the service unit. Six (6) Franchises now service the Perth Metropolitan area.

The Brisbane market was entered in 2006, with expansion again through the use of Franchisor vehicles, with the first Franchise unit commencing in 2008 and the gradual expansion to ten (10) Franchises servicing the SEQ market. Franchise operations commenced in Sydney in 2014, which currently, there are two (2) operational units. Development of the Sydney Metropolitan zone is seen as the short-term priority for Concrete Taxi with consideration also being given to regional locations.

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Our Strengths

We pride ourselves on providing an exceptional Australia-wide, small batch, concrete delivery service. We deliver and mix concrete on-site so you don’t have to! No job is too small, suitable for concrete of from 0.1 to 2 cubic metres. 

Customer Satisfaction96%
On-Time Delivery95%
Ease of Booking100%
Ease of Quoting100%

How It works

Our truck carries enough ingredients to mix up to 2m³ of concrete


Truck Dimensions

Our truck carries enough ingredients to mix up to 2m³ of concrete

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More About Concrete Taxi

Concrete Taxi isn’t like a normal concrete truck where they just deliver dump and go. No, we are a little different to that.  For starters, Concrete Taxi mixes on-site! We start by mixing the aggregate and water with the desired amount of cement to reach the strength you require. Then using the two wheelbarrows we supply (free of charge), you then barrow it to where it needs to go and lay it in. Simple. Much easier than buying the concrete and transporting home yourself that’s for sure (cheaper too). Since the size of the truck is a little smaller than the others, sometimes we can even pour straight into where you need it!

If you need a little more, we can mix that up no fuss and if you don’t need as much then no problem! We just make less. Saving you those pesky disposal fees. We only charge just a flat rate. No hidden charges, no surprise fees. We tell you the price and that’s that. 

 Use our calculator to see if we service your area, how much concrete you’ll need and how much it will cost.