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Ready Mix Concrete

Unique Ready Mix Delivery Service

Concrete Taxi offers a unique ready mix concrete delivery service. Unlike other traditional concrete delivery companies, we have no minimum load surcharges allowing us to batch up your desired amount of concrete. We offer fast and efficient ready mix concrete, at your desired strength and quantity.

Ready mix concrete is produced following a set recipe including cement, water and a mixture of aggregate. Ready mix concrete has a consistent quality, providing a rock-solid foundation for all your concrete needs.

There are two types of ready mix concrete, the first being in-transit mixers and the second being a volumetric concrete mixer. Our trucks are volumetric concrete mixers, which basically means that we deliver the ready mix in a dry state and mix the concrete on site. In contrast to in-transit mixers which are barrel trucks that deliver the concrete in a plastic state from a batch plant to the delivery site.

Our uniquely designed trucks are a mobile miniature version of a large batch plant. They are equipped with the ready mix concrete, water, mixer and wheelbarrows (in case you need any). This allows us to mix the concrete onsite, mixing as much or as little as you need! Even if you have underestimated or overestimated your concrete needs, we can just batch up some more or less. 

What's the difference? Concrete Taxi vs Mixing Yourself

With proven ability to provide immense value to our customers across Australia, we don't see why you'd ever mix concrete yourself again. There's no guesswork, no minimum order, no waste and no disposal fees. We are Concrete Taxi, the solution to small batch, ready mix concrete delivery! 
Time Saving100%
Convenient 100%
Isabella Alexander
Isabella Alexander
Just booked my job with Katie at Concrete Taxi. She was friendly, professional and helpful, excellent service!
Today i used concrete taxi for the very first time and all I can say is wow these guys were Fantastic for the time I made the booking the staff were fantastic and the driver was also fantastic . I will be using these guys again and will recommend to every builder I know.. Thanks guys you have a great business you should be proud of !
Mike Hair
Mike Hair
Thanks to Josh (north Brisbane area) for being a legend. Arrived on time and did the wheel barrow duties. Couldn’t be happier with the service received from Concrete Taxi. Great price and great support from start to finish.
Aidan T
Aidan T
Tony and the concrete taxi team were great for our small concreting job! Will definitely be using them again. Online cost calculator is great and team were friendly and helpful!
Joe Harris
Joe Harris
Was setting up a slab for a new shed out in the yard. They turned up on time, were quick to get started and professional. Would recommend.
Stuart Herring
Stuart Herring
Great Service by Murray from Concrete Taxi (Perth Area), who provide us nearly 2 cubic meters of concrete today for just over 45 meters of footings. The process was so simple, one quick call and everything was arranged earlier in the week. Murray turned up on time and with everything required. So much easier that mixing it in a small mixer by hand. Everything done within two hrs although a lot of wheelbarrow pushing on our part but that what 2 cubic meters is!! The best bit no waste afterwards literally mixed each batch until nearly finished and then a small batch just to finish off. No waste or expensive over ordering. Simple and great service. Would recommend every time and a lot easier than getting a large truck in
Steph Gush
Steph Gush
Great value. I used 1 cubic metre of concrete and it only costed me just over $430. Wayne was very friendly and had two wheelbarrows on board for me to use while he mixed the concrete. Considering if I bought bagged concrete from Bunnings, it would have costed me 3 times the amount of getting a Concrete Taxi. If you need 10 bags of concrete, don’t bother mixing it yourself because the Concrete Taxi mixed my concrete on-site, for a really good price.
Эльдар Фаткулин
Эльдар Фаткулин
Best service and price I ever used before
Shervin Sadeghi
Shervin Sadeghi
I had a job done with Concrete taxi Perth. The driver was ontime, very polite, helpful and professional. Totally recommended.
xiaohui du
xiaohui du
I reckon concreate taxi is the best choice for any small to medium concrete projects. Its faster, easier and cheaper!

Our Unique Ready Mix Trucks Offer Several Benefits


Unlike traditional ready mix providers, our trucks are volumetric mixers and mix the concrete onsite. This allows us to adjust the amount of concrete onsite, in contrast to traditional concrete providers which aren’t able to provide additional concrete last minute. Our unique trucks allow us to easily adapt to any changing project requirements.

Reduced Waste

The onsite mixing allows us to mix the exact amount you need, eliminating any waste. Unlike other concrete delivery services, we don’t charge disposal fees, so you only pay for what you need! We work with a flat rate, so you won’t be hit with any hidden fees or surprise charges. Check what your concrete delivery would cost with our free instant quote calculator!

Perfect for Residential Areas

Our trucks are smaller than your traditional concrete delivery trucks, making them perfect for residential streets. Our trucks are only 2.6 metres wide and 6 metres long, allowing them to manoeuvre in even the smaller residential areas. Depending on the access, we might be able to pour the concrete directly where you need it. If our trucks can’t reach the exact location, we provide 2 wheelbarrows free of charge. 

Wide Service Area

Batch plants are located in certain areas and their delivery trucks will have to go to the plant each time they have a delivery to collect the ready mix concrete. Our trucks can service a larger area as they carry everything they need to mix the concrete on site. They carry the ready mix in a dry state which allows them to service more than one job. Furthermore, our trucks have a reduced environmental footprint, as they go from job to job, instead of having to return to the batch plant after each delivery. Resulting in a lower carbon footprint and reduced traffic congestion.

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Customised Concrete

Our trucks use less water during the batching process, producing a significantly stronger concrete than traditional ready mix concrete companies would. As our trucks carry the ready mix in a dry state, we are able to batch up the exact strength you need for your concrete project. Some projects require a stronger concrete, for example footings and foundations will often require a higher level MPa then residential applications such as footpaths and kerbs. We generally provide three levels of strength; 20, 25 and 32 MPA. 

ready mix concrete delivery

The Perfect Choice

Concrete Taxi is the perfect choice for all your DIY projects and concrete needs for several reasons. Firstly convenience, save precious time and effort by letting our experts do the hard work. Additionally, we are able to batch up the exact strength and quantity of concrete you need. Moreover, we offer great flexibility, delivering concrete to you 24/7 without a minimum order quantity. Our expert concrete delivery team is always happy to answer any questions you may have and is committed to delivering a great customer experience. 

Concrete Taxi Is The Way To Go - Ready Mix Concrete

With this in mind, it is clear that Concrete Taxi is the way to go for all your DIY projects and concrete needs. Whether you are in need of ready mix concrete in Perth, Sydney, Gold coast or Brisbane, we are here to help. Calculate the cost of your next concrete delivery using our instant quote calculator now!

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