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The benefits of using Ready Mix Concrete

Why ready mix concrete is best for your next small concrete project!

The benefits of using Ready Mix Concrete

Ready mix concrete is one of the most commonly used types of concrete for projects, both big and small. With its many benefits, ranging from consistent quality and reduced waste to flexibility in amount and strength provided, it’s easy to see why. We understand that you are looking for the best concrete solution for you, which is why we’ve summed up the what and why of ready mix concrete in this blog article. 

Ready mix concrete has been around for more than a hundred years and was first used in Germany. Whereas the volumetric concrete mixers have only been around for the last 60 years. Volumetric concrete mixers allow for the concrete to be mixed on site in the exact quantities needed. Before these mixers came around, the process of producing and distributing ready mix concrete was inefficient and riddled with delays and quality issues. 

Here at Concrete Taxi, we used the concept of volumetric concrete mixers and developed our unique trucks. Our trucks are basically a mobile miniature version of a large batch plant. Our trucks deliver the ready mix in a dry state and are equipped with everything needed to mix the concrete on site at the exact quantity you need.







One of the main benefits of ready mix concrete is the consistent quality. We are able to batch up the exact strength you need on the spot. Because our trucks carry the ready mix concrete in a dry state, we are able to quickly adapt to any changes in your concrete needs. As the ready mix concrete is mixed up on site, we can mix the exact amount needed. Thereby eliminating any waste, ensuring you only pay for what you actually need. 

Another advantage of our ready mix concrete delivery trucks is that we are able to service a wide area. Contrary to traditional concrete delivery trucks, our trucks carry all the equipment and supplies they need to mix the ready mix concrete. This eliminates the need to drive back to the batch plant for each delivery, lowering our carbon emission footprint and allowing us to service a wider area. Our ready mix concrete trucks are relatively small, only 2.6 metres wide and 6 metres long. Which is why we are able to reach most residential areas and in some cases even pour the concrete directly where you need it.  







In conclusion, ready mix concrete offers many benefits, including consistent quality and flexibility, reduced waste and the ability to service a wide area. So whether you are working on a small DIY or home improvement project, consider using ready mix concrete. Save yourself the time and the hassle of buying and mixing your own concrete and let us deliver your ready mix concrete! 

Use our instant quote calculator to check if we deliver to your suburb and to estimate the costs of your next ready mix concrete project. 

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