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5 Essential Things you need to Know When Ordering Ready Mix Concrete

Ready mix concrete, also known as premixed concrete, is a popular choice for most DIY projects due to its convenience, quality and time-saving benefits. Whether you need a concrete slab for your new carport or want to create a garden edge to spruce up your garden, ready mix concrete is the concrete of choice. 

At Concrete Taxi we batch your concrete up on site, minimising waste and disposal fees. Before placing an order for your next concrete project, there are a few essential things to keep in mind to ensure a smooth delivery process. We will explore the five key things you need to know when ordering ready mix concrete below.


1. Research Your Concrete requirements

Before placing your order, it is important to know the requirements of your concrete, including the type of cement needed. It is also crucial to specify the concrete mix when ordering to ensure it meets the project‘s exact requirements. For many small projects, using normal class concrete is sufficient, but it’s essential to confirm this based on your specific needs and regulations for where you live in Australia.

Depending on the type of project, you might require a specific strength grade of concrete. For example, footings and foundations often require a stronger MPa strength than footpaths and garden edges. Additionally, specifying a higher slump may be necessary for certain projects to ensure better workability and placement. At Concrete Taxi, we generally provide 20, 25, and 32 MPa strength concrete.


2. Estimate the Quantity of Concrete 

Besides the strength, it is important to have a good idea of the quantity to be ordered and how much concrete you need. Our instant quote calculator can help you calculate the exact amount of concrete you need, whilst providing an estimate of the cost.

Because we mix the concrete on site, we can adjust the volume! Our trucks’ unique design means we are able to batch up a bit more or less if you miscalculate your concrete needs. This flexibility is crucial for any project, whether it’s for home renovations or filling a larger excavation.

By choosing our services, you receive the recommended quantity and quality of concrete for your project, ensuring it meets your needs perfectly.


3. Choose a Reliable Concrete Supplier

There are several concrete delivery companies to choose from, each with their own method of delivery, batching and services, from traditional hand mixed wet concrete to larger loads of premixed concrete from a mixer truck.

We would always recommend looking for a supplier with a proven track record, positive customer reviews and the ability to deliver the volume you need for your project, whether it’s for driveways, paths, or any other slab placement.

For example, we have over 75 5-star reviews which is a result of our consistent quality, on-time deliveries and excellent customer service.  

We ensure that our concrete mixes are suitable for any job, for home projects big and small. Our trucks and pumps can access difficult sites, ensuring smooth and fast deliveries — and when they can’t our suppliers carry a shovel and wheelbarrow on board to help you carry out your work.


4. Plan Your Delivery with Confidence

It is important to consider the accessibility of your job site, traffic conditions, and specific delivery requirements when ordering your concrete. When placing concrete, you should communicate the method of placement, whether it be direct discharge, wheelbarrows, or a concrete pump, to ensure the correct mix is supplied.

Additionally, providing details such as slab thickness is crucial to achieve the best possible outcome and to address factors like variations in slab thickness, distortion of formwork, and uneven sub-grade levels.

Our uniquely designed trucks are smaller than traditional concrete trucks, making it easier to manoeuvre in small residential areas. Even if our trucks are unable to reach your pour site, we provide two wheelbarrows free of charge. Furthermore, we deliver at whatever time works best for you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (even on public holidays!).


5. Place Your Order for Premixed Concrete in Advance

Depending on your supplier, ordering premixed concrete might require you to place your order in advance, as some companies need at least a week’s notice. At Concrete Taxi, we do not need a lot of notice and in some cases can even accommodate same day delivery! Fill out our instant quote calculator to see whether we deliver in your suburb.

With this information in mind, you are able to accurately determine your concrete requirements, plan your delivery logistics, and ensure a smooth and successful concrete delivery for your next project. Concrete Taxi offers the most convenient concrete delivery solutions whilst providing you with the highquality concrete you need for your project. Get in touch with our friendly team today to organise your next delivery!


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